Fish out of water

Life being a Christian isn’t always easy. You are continually carrying a cross, a cross that drives you to live differently, to work with your heart and soul at everything you do, love others, have a positive outlook, and follow the Lords commandments the best that you can, striving to live like Jesus every day. This isn’t easy. Sometime’s it is really hard.

Even if you aren’t a Christian, choosing to not conform to the pattern of this world is a hard decision, swimming against the tide is far more challenging than riding with it. Other people notice your differences almost as soon as they see you. Some are intrigued, some hate that you are free from the expectations of society, and some are jealous. People will look at your life from the outside, and they will try to tear you down; tell you that you aren’t good enough, that you aren’t skinny enough, that you aren’t ‘on trend’ or that you are a dag. They will try to degrade the progress that you have made throughout your life, and belittle the values that mean the most to you. They will laugh at your convictions, tell you they are stupid, or that you are ‘wasting your time’.

To all the Christians, Vegans, musicians, artists, and non-c0nformists everywhere, feel encouraged, just because the crowd doesn’t like that you are going against it, doesn’t mean you should stop. Just because someone doesn’t like your goals, doesn’t mean you should stop striving to achieve them. Just because someone doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean you should change. At the end of our lives on this earth, I hope we can all say; ‘I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith’ 2 Timothy 4:7.

Love always,




Formals are something that I think need to be talked about, because quite frankly, I hate them.

My first formal experience was year 8. We all got dressed up and went out to dinner to celebrate finishing ‘middle school’ (mean feat, I know). I showed up in a black dress that mimicked a tutu, that my older cousin lent to me, and some cute black ballet flats with rindstones on the toes (I guess you could say I liked the ’emo ballerina’ vibe). My mum braided my hair and I wore my favourite bracelet, and I was horrified when she tried to put mascara on me. When I arrived my friends were wearing gowns, and high heels and they had gone to the salon and had their hair and makeup professionally done! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Arguably, I had a better time than most of them, because I could dance and not worry about sweat marks on my ball gown, and I could smile without worrying about lippy on my teeth.

My second formal was year 10. I really don’t know why I had a year 10 formal, but our school was on a camp in Katoomba, and the formal was after a long day of bushwalking, on a boat in penrith. The girls in my grade were horrifed, and complained that they couldn’t have their hair and makeup done properly. That was honesty my favourite experience with my year group. I wore a Tshirt dress, and a pair of bright orange heels, did my own makeup, and had a go at putting makeup on a few of my friends. I danced and ate too much food (why not?) and had a really good time.

Now that I am at the business end of year 12, all my friends can talk about is the bloody end of school formal. They made a facebook page where we can post our dresses so that no one wears the same colour (god forbid), and they have already booked their hair and makeup appointments.

I did some math and calculated that on average a girl will spend around $450 on her year 12 formal, after the hair, makeup, dress, shoes, clutch, fake tan and fake nails. When I suggested we have a ‘jeans and jumper’ formal and donate the money we would have spent to charity  (which would have ended up somewhere around $19,000!)- they all nearly died, they love being charitable, untill it means giving up 2 hours of looking glamorous?

I don’t want to go to my year 12 formal. I know that’s the wrong attitude and all, but it is going to be a giant ‘which girl looks the best and spent the most money’ competition, no one will dance, or eat food, and I will probably feel a bit awkward and out of place posing for hundreds of photos. Then everyone will leave early to go to an afterparty that I more than likely wont be invited to, and i’ll go home to watch harry potter and eat ice cream with my best friend, and maybe even do some study for my HSC. Sounds like a magical night.

So, there is my opinion on the notoriously overrated ‘Formal’

Love always,


Is persecution returning for Russia’s Christians? – New laws make evangelism illegal

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On 20 July 2016, a new law will come into place that will highly restrict Russian Christians. No longer will Christians be allowed to evangelise outside of churches, hold prayer events, or legally have house churches.

So why has this happened, what is this law and what can Christians do now?

An illegal gathering of Christians in 1979. An illegal gathering of Christians in 1979.

Terrorism + Religion = Restriction

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According to the dictionary ‘loyalty’ can be defined as ‘the quality of being loyal’. Thanks a lot dictionary for being extremely unhelpful. So I went on and looked at the word loyal, which is defined as ‘giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution’. I saw a video on the internet captioned ‘must see – a dogs loyalty is amazing’. This was the video: . It made me laugh because it makes me question all my pre conceived ideas about loyalty. The question I want to ask is, who are you loyal to? Lets take the music industry as an example. Im sure there are some people out there who are ‘loyal’ to Ariana Grande as an artist. Maybe you are loyal to Channing Tatum as an actor or Zac Efron? Why are you loyal to these people? I bet that if these people were ugly, completely hideous looking, you wouldn’t like them, or be loyal to them as celebrities, or defend them to your friends. So I want to challenge you today to think about your loyalty to people, is it skin deep?

My mum spent some time in intensive care over the christmas holidays. She was across the ward from a woman named Shakira. Shakira was a brave woman who had been in intensive care for many months in a critical state until finally she received a heart transplant. Unfortunately during her surgery an incident occurred that caused her to loose movement of the waist down, completely paralysed in the legs. The one person who stayed by her side no matter what was her husband Joe. He brought her food every day, and always told her that he loved her as he left the hospital of a night. I felt privileged to meet this couple because I was able to see two people who are loyal to each other for the right reasons, love. Not status or money or looks. Joe wasn’t loyal to Shakira because there was something in it for him, he loved her regardless of her situation.

If you were blind, I bet that your opinion on people would be completely different. The people that you like because of their looks or their social status, you may realise are complete jerks. That kid that no one sits with because she’s not physically attractive or popular, she might come off as the nicest person in the world if you could see past her appearance. Proverbs 17:17 says: ‘A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity’. It’s really sad, but sometimes we have to ask ourselves if we would still love our boyfriend, girlfriend or bestfriend if one day they were completely mutilated by burns from a fire and had become completely physically hideous and unattractive, or if they became paralysed from the waist down. Think about who you are loyal to, and question why you are loyal to them, and if it’s for the wrong reasons, you can change that. And think about people who say they are loyal to you, is it for the right reason?

I call you, whoever you are reading this to ‘dare to be different’. Try and learn to look at why you give people your loyalty.

Love always

Sunniejean xoxo


Typical Troubled Teen

Maybe I’m being a ‘teen angst’ stereotype by what I am about to write, but sometimes being a high school aged teen really does suck. Sure, I know that I sound ungrateful and that we have it pretty good, we get most things for free and our biggest concern is usually school, but there are some things about adolescence that really suck.

Firstly, our hormones are at the highest level that they will probably ever be, so we can be usually angry, sad, frustrated or sexually driven and we can’t really figure out why. Just imagine a frustrated, sad, angry and moody monster – now imagine that there is a zoo were all these monsters are thrown in together to deal with each other – and by zoo I mean school.

School is usually the cause of a lot of distress for a lot of teens too. We are told that we need to work harder, for longer and do better. We are trained to think that we will never be good enough so that we will always feel the need to work harder – and we are falsely told that our year 12 results define the rest of our lives. Along with that we are constantly being interrogated on if we have made a decision as to what we will do with the rest of our lives – like we are supposed to know, we’ve barely lived a quarter of it yet.

On top of all of this, none of us really have a clue who we are – thus why we go through all the experimental phases trying to figure it out, whether thats going vegan and wearing hemp clothing, or trying to play the electric guitar and rocking skinny jeans everywhere. The media is always in our faces telling us what we should be – and why we aren’t doing well enough (and then they will go on to say what they can sell us to fix this problem – whether its a bikini, or face wash or a pair of jeans), and setting unrealistic expectations of our bodys and our lives (like we can all be stick thin lifestyle gurus who meditate and exercise every day). We all think that our friends are doing better at life than us because we judge their lives by their social media profiles, and lets face it, they only post pictures of the awesome things that they do/eat.

On behalf of all teenagers – I would like to apologise to parents for the constant grief that we cause you, I blame school, hormones, media and also our undeveloped brains. I hope that you can now have a better understanding of why we come across as so ‘troubled’ and difficult to deal with. We will grow out of it (some of it). So to all teens out there, lets stop trying to be perfect, and portraying ourselves as perfect on our Facebook and instagram pages – and accept each other for the flawed individuals that we are. We will all be happier because of it.

Love always

Sunniejean xoxo


I don’t like parties

I am a teenager, and so you would think that with that comes a love of parties. Most teen movies have some sort of scene where someone throws a party and someone else has their dreams come true (easy A, mean girls, 10 things I hate about you e.t.c) but since I have been a teenager (7 years) I have been to a grand total of three parties (yeah I understand thats not exactly ‘a lot’) and I have not enjoyed a single one of them and i’ll tell you why.

Firstly, I don’t binge drink, meaning that I am singled out at each party as the ‘sober one’. People are struggling to walk in a line, laughing and dancing and I am usually standing and observing, wondering what the appeal is about being dizzy and without inhibitions. Second, I can’t dance. And at every party that I have ever been to a drunk person pulls me onto the dance floor and tries to make me dance and I honestly have no clue what to do. My feet don’t listen to my brain and I end up looking like a moron (but not as much of a moron as the people who are blind drunk) waving my arms like a white dad at a barbecue. Third, large groups of people aren’t my thing. I don’t like gossip, but that is all that’s talked about in a large group of people. The music is so loud that we are all unintentionally yelling at each other and the conversations have the intellectual capacity of a teaspoon. Don’t get me started on the boys that roam around with the soul purpose of looking for a girl to manipulate, or the girls that dress themselves up to show off all of their assets, and then wonder why there are guys looking at them.

My idea of a good time is keeping a house plant alive, eating sushi while wearing socks and camping (or inside a blanket fort, whatever works). Maybe we could play a Baroque duet together, or look at a map and point out places we want to visit while eating Oreos and looking at aesthetic Instagram pages (with ‘Boy and Bear’ playing in the background). I like the feeling of ‘just brushed teeth’ more than I think I would like the feeling or being drunk, and would much rather eat a bowl of soup than drink creaming soda mixed with vodka. Sometime I like the company of books more than people, and sometimes I think my cats can read my mind.

So, if you are like me, a teenager that is introverted and doesn’t like partying, don’t worry, you haven’t failed as a teen. We all have our thing, and lots of people in one room just isn’t ours.

Love always,

Sunniejean xoxo