Amateur Uni Student

Tomorrow, for the first time in 13 years, school is going back and I won’t be attending. This is a scary thought. I hasn’t really struck me until now that this chapter of my life is closed.

This year, I am doing a Bachelor of Medical Science. Along with this I am also leaving home, and going to a big university in Sydney. I’m leaving my coastal town and exposing myself to something completely unknown, and to be honest I am more nervous than excited at the moment. I will probably do more growing than I can predict right now, and more crying than I predict, but I want to focus on the positives, instead of the things that are making me nervous. So, get excited for blog posts about an awkward introvert trying to survive in a student share house, and a huge university. Maybe it will help some people to feel that they aren’t alone.

Right now, I am reminding myself that Jesus died for my sins, and I did nothing to earn or deserve this – so if I don’t thrive in a huge uni, and move home, I am still the same person, with the same eternal promise. What else really matters? God doesn’t care if I’m a doctor or a toilet cleaner at a tourist park (yep, that’s right). So, to my fam from regional/remote areas hitting the big smoke this year, hopefully you can hold on to that too.

Love always,

Sunniejean xoxo


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