Formals are something that I think need to be talked about, because quite frankly, I hate them.

My first formal experience was year 8. We all got dressed up and went out to dinner to celebrate finishing ‘middle school’ (mean feat, I know). I showed up in a black dress that mimicked a tutu, that my older cousin lent to me, and some cute black ballet flats with rindstones on the toes (I guess you could say I liked the ’emo ballerina’ vibe). My mum braided my hair and I wore my favourite bracelet, and I was horrified when she tried to put mascara on me. When I arrived my friends were wearing gowns, and high heels and they had gone to the salon and had their hair and makeup professionally done! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Arguably, I had a better time than most of them, because I could dance and not worry about sweat marks on my ball gown, and I could smile without worrying about lippy on my teeth.

My second formal was year 10. I really don’t know why I had a year 10 formal, but our school was on a camp in Katoomba, and the formal was after a long day of bushwalking, on a boat in penrith. The girls in my grade were horrifed, and complained that they couldn’t have their hair and makeup done properly. That was honesty my favourite experience with my year group. I wore a Tshirt dress, and a pair of bright orange heels, did my own makeup, and had a go at putting makeup on a few of my friends. I danced and ate too much food (why not?) and had a really good time.

Now that I am at the business end of year 12, all my friends can talk about is the bloody end of school formal. They made a facebook page where we can post our dresses so that no one wears the same colour (god forbid), and they have already booked their hair and makeup appointments.

I did some math and calculated that on average a girl will spend around $450 on her year 12 formal, after the hair, makeup, dress, shoes, clutch, fake tan and fake nails. When I suggested we have a ‘jeans and jumper’ formal and donate the money we would have spent to charity  (which would have ended up somewhere around $19,000!)- they all nearly died, they love being charitable, untill it means giving up 2 hours of looking glamorous?

I don’t want to go to my year 12 formal. I know that’s the wrong attitude and all, but it is going to be a giant ‘which girl looks the best and spent the most money’ competition, no one will dance, or eat food, and I will probably feel a bit awkward and out of place posing for hundreds of photos. Then everyone will leave early to go to an afterparty that I more than likely wont be invited to, and i’ll go home to watch harry potter and eat ice cream with my best friend, and maybe even do some study for my HSC. Sounds like a magical night.

So, there is my opinion on the notoriously overrated ‘Formal’

Love always,



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